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Starbooster Design Milla Suominen, kuva

Hi, I'm Milla Suominen, the entrepreneur in Starbooster Design!

I'm a lifelong learner, visualiser, developer and I enjoy most when I'm solving problems and working with hands on tasks. My education is M.Sc. (Econ) and Interior Design Artisan. I've made a long career working with people as a consultant, project manager, organisation & HR developer when I decided to make a huge career jump into the interior design business and changed my lifelong hobby into a daily job. Now I'm living my dream as an entrepreneur!

I believe my biggest strengths are that I find my customer's deepest dreams and can concretize them into targets, tasks and timetables. A long business career ensures that written contracts, active communication, well done work, cleaning up my trashes, celerity and courage to tell when things are not going as planned (as happens quite often in life) are self-evident things for me. As a customer you don't have to call and worry if I'm not coming to the site as agreed. I wipe my shoes while entering and I'll complete a project firmly and with a positive mindset. 

So, let's start! Call, email, or fill in the contact form on this website and tell me, what's your dream that needs some boosting!

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