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Focus on dreaming, Starbooster takes care of the rest!

Interior design and implementation services start always with a customer needs assessment meeting where the target is to get to know the customer and his/her dreams as well as of course the home/office/facilities which is the target for interior change. 

Hints and tips:

  • Think about what is your dream or what would you need!  

  • Call me or send me a message though the Contact page, so we can talk more about your dreams and agree a time for a face-to-face or remote meeting. 

  • It's good to book 1-2 hours for the first needs assessment meeting. If you have a floor plan take it with you to the meeting, as well as possible pictures (from magazines or internet) which describe well your wishes and dreams. If the needs assessment meeting will be held remotely, please prepare to share with me also some photos or videoclips of the rooms which are the targets for the interior change. 

After the needs assessment meeting I'll always give you a written offer, including tasks, amount of work and price of the project (see also the Price list). I'll start the interior design / implementation project only after you have accepted the offer. ​

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